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The introduction of modern methods of increasing oil production, recovery and the replication of highly efficient operating assets with a high degree output. It is the construction of high-tech wells with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing and the use of new methods of displacing oil residues.

The core activity of LLC GeoTechnology is the production and development of oil and gas in unpleasing and unforgiving weatherin remote regions of Russia and offshore projects.

Over the past few years, LLC GeoTechnology has drastically improved its operations, productions, and development in the oil and gas sector. Our mission is to compete with state-owned refineries in terms of hydrocarbon reserves and liquid hydrocarbon production.


Increasing the company’s resources base is one major priority as our share in the Russian crude oil production is currently 3.4%. Over the years, we have achieved a 77% increment of our liquid hydrocarbons reserves.

We operate and carry out activities in the following regions in Russia; Western Siberia, Russia’s the Far East, Southern Russia, and Eastern Siberia.


Western Siberia exploration is a key asset to the company in which accounts for about 10% of the company’s production. We conduct geological exploration and development of deposits in 17 licensed areas.



235,000 boe per day, we achieved 77% more for
the last 2 years of advanced operations



57% increment from the past 3 years to a total of 1.2 billion cubic meters of clean natural gas

The company achieved a better result in producing 10.4 million tons of oil in 2018, exceeding the 2017 result of 7.1 million tons. The achievement was due to the large-scale use of innovative technologies and the introduction of custom-owned scientific developments in advanced exploration and drillings.

The rapid growth of the refinery’s oil production was as a result of the new additional partnership, with experts in deep exploration and drilling in new fields and the replication of high efficient drilling technologies, geological and technical measures.



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