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The strategic objective of LLC GeoTechnology is to maintain the status of one of the fastest-growing privately-owned oil and gas refineries that’s not state-controlled. In other to compete with major state-owned oil refineries in terms of refining capabilities, production, explorations, and offshore projects, we are actively expanding our resources base through complex exploration and new license acquisitions.

Who we are


A private oil and gas refinery in Russia, with the expertise in exploration, production, oil refining, and marketing of petrochemical products and natural gas, with track records and intense performance domestically and internationally.

The possible future of energy

Energy is vital to our daily lives and can also harm the environment as climate change remains a serious concern. Our team is working tirelessly, innovating, and ingenuity applying the best in industry-standard technology to make all forms of energy cleaner and better. While people gain access to cleaner energy and higher standards of living.

Code of conduct and ethics

LLC GeoTechnology has and will always maintain a positive working
environment for our staff from all departments of the company that is fair,
efficacious, and beneficial. Our company’s reputation was built by mutual
respect and well-behaved personnel with integrity.


LLC GeoTechnology’s leadership is responsible for taking the company towards greater height, success, and choice for investors, clients,

Careers and operational agency

Discover new opportunities with us, working with LLC GeoTechnology meaning participating in large-scale projects and solving interesting professional problems, and applying innovative technologies for profitable growth.

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