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LLC GeoTechnology is actively in the natural gas business as it’s expected to play an important role in people’s lives and impact the world’s economic growth. The company has also been in the development of limiting CO2 emissions by producing cleaner natural burning gas.

Natural gas is expected to replace traditional fuel due to its environmentfriendly characteristics. Natural gas powers heat and cool industries, homes, and businesses; it fuels automobiles and vessels as an alternative to diesel and heavy fuel oil, and it also goes into many everyday essentials.


LLC GeoTechnology global presence combined with our ability to supply in the natural gas business, Europe being our strong distribution network.

We plan to reach the production shelf of over 471 million cubic meters of natural gas per year.


The Russian natural gas business has been a vital commodity for the European market for many decades, advanced technologies, and processing units. We can have a competitive advantage and position in the gas market business to help meet the world’s growing natural gas and power demands.

Natural gas is cooled to a condensation temperature of (-161.5°C) turns into a liquid form called liquefied natural gas (LNG). In this case, the volume of gas is reduced by 600 times. LNG as well as CNG can be used as motor fuel.

Due to the fact that LNG has a high energy intensity, it can be effectively used in largevolume engines with high fuel consumption.

The most promising segments for the use of LNG are considered trucks, railway, water transport, mining, and agricultural machinery.

The company operates a system of main gas pipelines through our partners of over 6,500 km and 10 compressor stations and we are capable to deliver gas through natural gas high-pressure pipelines grids to Europe with an entry and exit value of over 94 billion cubic meters per year.

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) — is obtained by cooling natural gas to cryogenic temperatures at about -161°C. The liquefaction process is based on the effect of the gas cooling due to a decrease in its pressure: initially, natural gas is compressed in compressor units, then pre-cooled in custom-built units and throttled at the stage. Where the pressure is reduced. The final LNG is poured into special cryogenic containers (thermoses), where it can be stored for a longer period.


The company was licensed to trade natural gas in 2015

The company see a 46% growth in 2019

62% sales in 2017

A significant inscrease of 79% of sales in 2020

365 mm³

769 mm³

765 mm³

975 mm³


Automobile engines operating on Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) fully comply with the highest environmental standards of Euro-5 and Euro-6. While drastically reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere, comparing to traditional fossil fuels without solid particles and sulfur compounds.


The main components of smog are emissions of carbon monoxide and heavy hydrocarbons, which are reduced by 65%, emissions of nitrogen oxides are also reduced.


LLC GeoTechnology is specialized in environmental divisions and are persistently working on environmental regulation of pollutant and emissions into the atmosphere, discharges into water bodies, production, and disposal of production and consumption waste. In order to improve the environmental pollution and emissions in the regions we operate, the Company is working to expand the use of natural gas as a motor fuel. The main environmental protection measurements are aimed at reducing the negative technological impact (reducing greenhouse gas emissions, land reclamation, equipping waste collection and storage sites, planting greenery, etc.).

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