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The company’s purpose is to bring you the energy you need for your day-today life and harness natural energy resources for human benefits while reducing the impact on the environment


In accordance with LLC GeoTechnology strategy approved by the management, the key objectives of the company’s exploration and drilling program are defined by ensuring replenishment of liquid hydrocarbon reserves and achieving exploration success by 95% within the next 5 years, development of advanced technologies and innovative solutions will assist the company to achieve its goals.

Natural gas

LLC GeoTechnology is actively in the natural gas business as it’s expected to play an important role in people’s lives and impact the world’s economic growth. The company has also been in the deve

Production and development

The introduction of modern methods of increasing oil production, recovery and the replication of highly efficient operating assets with a high degree output. It is the construction of high-tech wells with multi-stage hydraulic
fracturing and the use of new methods of displacing oil residues.

Offshore projects

Through advanced technologies and innovations, LLC GeoTechnology is executing major oil offshore projects of hydrocarbon resources on the continental shelf, oil and gas deposits onshore have been discovered and evolved.

Oil refining

LLC GeoTechnology a private mini oil refinery in Russia with the highest-industry oil refining standard, and cutting-edge technologies on conversion, and reforming capabilities. Processing heavy crude oil and producing a variety of high-value petroleum products.

Innovation and technology

Today new technologies allow oil and gas companies to develop hard-torecover oil reserves and expands their exploration and production in new regions. While increasing operating efficiency, maintaining stability, and gaining access to resources in exchange for technological competencies.

Gas processing

LLC GeoTechnology processes a range of gas such as dry gas, wet gas, shale gas, stripped gas, liquefied natural gas, and marketable gas at the company’s gas processing plant located in the Eastern part of Siberia, Russia.

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