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Discover new opportunities with us, working with LLC GeoTechnology meaning participating in large-scale projects and solving interesting professional problems, and applying innovative technologies for profitable growth.


Send us a resume, tell us about your previous experience, knowledge, skills, and success to stand a chance to become part of our team!

Operational agencies

are our company’s official agents authorized to market our petroleum products and services. With their potential customers and earn commissions for each delivery, according to the finalized sales and purchase agreements.


Every year, we expand the circle of our agency and corporate clients in the supply and marketing of the refinery’s petroleum products. Operational agency

Dealers and agents

We are always expanding our network traders and dealers network. Our dealers and traders are companies that sell our petroleum products to end consumers on their behalf and at their own expense as part of their pricing policy. To become an operational agency, supplier, dealer, or trader of LLC GeoTechnology – corporate sales, visit our sales office or send us an email: office@

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